FAT JACK - Cater To The DJ

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Celestial Label:Capitol
盤質:EX- ジャケット:VG+

西海岸アンダーグラウンド超々重要プロデューサーであるFAT JACKの4LPアルバム、めっきり見かけませんが90's後期の西海岸の瑞々しさ、当時のインディペンデント精神とグッドライフカフェ周辺のほがらかな中指立て、素晴らしいMCたちに囲まれた名盤。FJはほんと最高のビートメイカーです。Prod.にFAT JACKと書かれていればそれはもう間違いない。今もやってたらなぁ...。

A1 –Fat Jack Y'Know What I'm Saying?
A2 –A-Team, The We Like Breakbeats
A3 –Aceyalone Gimme Five Feet
A4 –Rifleman I'm Khule
A5 –Busdriver Life Or Death
B1 –Trend* You Wanna What?
B2 –R.E.A.L. Real Ghetto Soldiers
B3 –P.E.A.C.E. I Don't Gang Bang
B4 –Rick Konvick Bill
B5 –Volume 10 Hooray!!
C1 –Otherwize Sixteen Cents
C2 –Smooth 7 For The Love Of Hip-Hop
C3 –Jizzm I'll Put You On
C4 –Minister Too Bad Too Bad Interlude
C5 –Minister Too Bad Demo Stage
D1 –Abstract Tribe Unique Ooh Sha Sha
D2 –Jayne Doe The Oracle The Pure
D3 –Of Mexican Descent Counter Cloudwise
D4 –Awol One For Me?
D5 –Medusa (4) How We Become One
E1 –Abstract Rude Cater To The DJ
E2 –Phoenix Orion How Many?
E3 –P.E.A.C.E. It's A Packed House
E4 –Jizzm Looking For Somethin'
E5 –Ganjah K Scud Missile
F1 –R.E.A.L. Mine Fields
F2 –Li'l Scorpion Daddy The Elephant
F3 –Aceyalone Golden Mic
F4 –Busdriver Drive Safe
F5 –Big Arch I Had Flow From The Git Go
G1 –Puzoozoo Watt Everyday MC Work
G2 –Otherwize A Wize Man's Advice
G3 –DK Toon Yo Attitude Shows
G4 –Abstract Rude Rudeboy Represents
G5 –J-Smoov Wrong MC
H1 –Terradactyl* Lies, Lies, And More Lies
H2 –Dutchman Hip Hop Life
H3 –St. Mark 9:23 I Wonder
H4 –Dark Zeied* Affirmations Of Life