TERROR SQUAD Presents. DJ KHALED - Listennn - The Album

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キャレドの総指揮初作品、そしてKOCHからの3LP!というアングラ珍品よりも圧倒的パワーワードな逸品。どっこいKANYE WEST, 先日のどどど素晴らしいCORMEGAのLPも記憶に新しいSTREETRUNNER, そしてCOOL & DREまでを力で招聘。結果、ブリンブリンなサンプリング、オーセンティックなクランクが飛び交う怪盤になっちゃった!みたいな。未だに賛否ありますが、ヒップホップ・ゲームではこういう御方必要なのです。有りよりの有り過ぎの有り!

A1 Intro
Featuring – DJ Khaled
Producer – DJ Khaled Beat Novacane
A2 Born N Raised
Featuring – Pitbull, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy
Producer – The Runners
A3 Gangsta Sh*t
Featuring – Bloodraw*, Bun B, Slick Pulla, Young Jeezy
Producer – DJ Nasty , L.V.M.
B1 Grammy Family
Featuring – Consequence , John Legend, Kanye West
Producer – Kanye West
B2 Problem
Featuring – Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss
Producer – DJ Khaled Beat Novacane
B3 Holla At Me
Featuring – Fat Joe, Lil' Wayne*, Paul Wall, Pitbull, Rick Ross
Producer – Cool And Dre
C1 Addicted
Featuring – Juelz Santana
Producer – Streetrunner
C2 Watch Out
Featuring – Akon, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Styles P
Producer – Cool And Dre
C3 Destroy You
Featuring – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Twista
Producer – Cool And Dre
D1 Never Be Nothing Like Me
Featuring – Homeboy, Lil' Scrappy
Producer – Mr. Collipark
D2 Candy Paint
Featuring – Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, Trina
Producer – Cool And Dre
D3 M.I.A.
Featuring – Lil' Wayne
Producer – Develop
E1 Where You At
Featuring – Clipse, Freeway
Producer – DJ Khaled Beat Novacane
E2 Still Fly
Featuring – Birdman, Chop
Producer – T.Mix
E3 Dip Slide Ride Out
Featuring – Big Kuntry, T.I., Young Dro
Producer – Keith McMasters
F1 Movement
Featuring – Dre
Producer – Cool And Dre
F2 The Future Of Dade
Featuring – Brisco, Co, Dela , Dirt E Red, Hennessy, Lunch Money, P.M.
Producer – The Diaz Brothers