O.S.T. - I'm Bout It

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ギャングスタ・クライム・ムーヴィー「I'm Bout It」のサントラにしてNO LIMITレーベルのグレイト・ワークス。良い意味でまるでサーカスを見ているようなこの時代のNO LIMIT絵巻、HIPHOPが次のフェイズに行くわくわく感がてんこもりに盛られた極上の世界は、それこそ一番守りたいFRESHですね。

A1 –Master P Intro
A2 –Master P, Eightball & MJG & UGK Meal Ticket
A3 –Brotha Lynch Hung Situation On Dirty
Producer – Brotha Lynch Hung
A4 –Mystikal What Cha Think
A5 –E-40 & B-Legit Come On
Producer – Sam Bostic
A6 –Master P, Young Bleed & C-Loc How Ya Do Dat
Producer – Happy
B1 –Fiend Don't Mess Around
B2 –Master P & Steady Mobb'n If I Could Change
Producer – DJ Daryl
Vocals – Mia X, Mo B. Dick, O'Dell
B3 –E-A-Ski Faces Of Death
Producer – CMT, E-A-Ski
B4 –Silkk The Shocker, C-Murder & Mercedes Down & Dirty
Producer – Ken Franklin
B5 –Mia X Much Love
B6 –Sons Of Funk Pushin' Inside You
Producer – Sons Of Funk
C1 –Mr. Serv-On Before I Die
C2 –Kane & Abel For Realz
C3 –Mac Lock Down
C4 –Skull Duggery Heat
Producer – Carlos Stevens
C5 –Ghetto Twiinz Murder Murder
Producer – Precise
C6 –Mr. Jinks Ride 4U
Producer – Goldie Mac, Keke Loco
D1 –Mo B. Dick That Thing Is On
D2 –C-Loc Who's Who
Producer – C-Loc
D3 –Prime Suspects Cops Runnin' After Ya
D4 –JT The Bigga Figga & The Fast One Game Tight
Producer – JT The Bigga Figga, The Fast One
D5 –The Gambino Family Why They Wanna See Me Dead
Featuring [Uncredited] – Mr. Sleep
Producer – O'Dell